Reading HDF5 files based on OpenPMD

We’re currently working on developing a new Plasma subclass. It is supposed to read HDF5 files that are based on OpenPMD standard and we have a sort of prototype ready in #500. It should be ready to merge once we figure out how we are supposed to handle the example datasets for our tests. It probably isn’t a good idea to ship them with the main PlasmaPy codebase. I guess we’re going to settle downloading them on the fly when running our tests.

I was having trouble getting OpenPMD-api to install from source and with spack package manager but those guys at OpenPMD were really helpful and updated their documentation appropriately real quick (openPMD/openPMD-api#279) so that newcomers like me don’t have to go through unnecessary trouble. ;)

An update from my last blog post on our coveragerc problems, in the end we decided to settle with #502. The problem is that PlasmaPy and SunPy (maybe others?) depend on Astropy’s testing modules which is the root cause of the problem. We’ve had some discussion in astropy/astropy-helpers#397. However, @Cadiar is still messing around with it in SunPy and has made progress in sunpy/sunpy#2667. Hopefully, astropy will go through some refactoring too and then we could all live peacefully. :)

Some other cool stuff that happened during this period. We increased coverage in our module in #498. There are still some corners where could increase coverage a bit, I think I am going to make more PRs soon. I remember we had 99% code coverage in March then it dropped to somewhere around 92% shortly after we had our first release. I am glad we made it back to 98% as of now!

Oh, I almost forgot! I received my first stipend a few days back! I’ve never earned more in my whole life before this, not even a quarter to be honest. I am not sure what I am going to do with it for now. Maybe get a new lappy? A musical instrument? Pay the bills? Donate to a cause? No idea but it makes me happy to think about stuff! :D

That’s all folks. Stay happy, have fun!

Written on June 25, 2018