Hello! My name is Ritiek Malhotra.

I am a 19 years old guy and in my junior year. I spend most of my time tinkering with electronics and toying with code.

I began coding at the age of 10. Those days were nothing more than a couple if-then statements in BASIC. Later on, I began writing small automation tools in AutoIT to gain advantage in online-gaming. Oh, did I even mention I played computer games all day? It wasn’t until I turned 15, I somehow got myself a Raspberry Pi and got serious with code. No one around me had much experience with programming, so I had to learn all the good stuff on my own. I completely shifted from playing computer games to playing with silicon. For some reason, I found it more engaging than gaming. It felt amazing to know about technologies like SSH, when nobody even used linux, hehe. I remember myself shutting down my Pi (which lights up the red LED on it) via SSH to confirm the commands I wrote via SSH really did work.

The first mainstream language I started coding in was Python. However, I wouldn’t use functions or make an effort to write efficient code and most of my code involved system calls which were very platform dependant. It was unbelievably hard for anyone to read whatever I wrote, myself included. Check out this blob of code from July in 2016, I can hear you giggling already. It belongs to an open-source tool called spotify-downloader I began working on with no more than a week experience in Python. It got better eventually. Working with open-source made me become aware of some commonly used coding-practices and I was slowly beginning to be able to write some capable code. Open-source has been the biggest source of my knowledge so far, not just limited to techincal related.

Later on, I wrote a couple more projects in Python. As I got comfortable with Python and programming in general, I worked on small projects in other languages like Bash, Rust, JavaScript. I came to realize that I really enjoy open-source. I move around stuff in my house when I have nothing else to do.

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